Thursday, April 3, 2014

#100HappyDays : DAYS 21-30

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I'm on a Social Media Fast for 21 days, Easter Sunday, I resume.
I am just on my 3rd day and boy how productive I've become hee hee. Ticking off so many items in my project/to-do list that I've been procrastinating for so many months, even years.

I've realized just how much time I have been spending/wasting unconsciously when I'm on these social media sites. While I am missing my friends'/family's updates, I am loving this break and looking forward to doing it from time to time.

When you are enjoying life, time flies by, 
When you are not, it stands still, 
though in reflection of this stillness, 
the observant may note how much of it has passed, 
and how much has been wasted...

...and just like that, I've completed the 1st month of my #100HappyDays project.
Days 1-10, here.
Days 11-20, here.

Day 21: 1st Weekend of Spring.
Day21: 1st Weekend of Spring.
 Day 22: Baking.
 Day22: Baking.
Day 23: Coffee Time.
  Day23: Coffee Time.
Day 24: Discipline, first time to hit 90K steps/week in Fitbit.
  Day24: Discipline.
Day 25: 3rd-4th Graders' Spring Folklore Concert.
Day25: Spring Concert.
Day 26: Snow in Spring & Happy Crazy Boys.
  Day26: Snow in Spring & Happy Boys.
Day 27: Big Nate Fanatic, can't stop reading.
  Day27: Big Nate fanatic, can't stop reading.
Day 28: Keeping up with Healthy & Feeling Healthy.
Day28: Keeping Up with Healthy and Feeling Healthy.
Day 29: Rain + Strong Winds = Cozy Weekend.
  Day29: Rain + Strong Winds = Cozy Weekend
Day 30: Understanding Boys.
  Day30: Understanding Boys.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mantra

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Yay Monday!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

#100HappyDays : DAYS 11-20

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Third Week of my 100HappyDays Project is almost finished, so let me post the 2nd week. You can find my 1st week entry here.

Definitely, loving this project, glad I joined the bandwagon.
Happy Weekend!

Day 11: Family Friendly and Safe Neighborhood.
 Day11: Family Friendly and Safe Neighborhood. 
Day 12: Beach Stroll with Stripe.
  Day12: Beach Stroll with Stripe. 
 Day 13: Work.
  Day13: Work. 
 Day 14: My Morning Devotionals.
  Day14: My Morning Devotionals. 
 Day 15: Beautiful Saturday.
  Day15: Beautiful Saturday. 
 Day 16: Homemade Refrigerated Oatmeal for Breakfast.
  Day16: Homemade Refrigerated Oatmeal for Breakfast. 
 Day 17: Productive Monday
  Day17: Productive Monday. 
 Day 18: Bonding over a book with mini-Stripe.
  Day18: Bonding over a book with Ethan. 
 Day 19: 3.19.1995. 19th BF-GF anniversary.
  Day19: 3.19.1995. 19th BF-GF anniversary. 
 Day 20: Hiphop Abs.
  Day20: Hiphop Abs.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inspiration for the Week

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

21 Days.

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I have always known that it takes 21 complete days to form a new habit until I came across this article which I quote:

What this research suggests is that 21 days to form a habit is probably right, as long as all you want to do is drink a glass of water after breakfast. Anything harder is likely to take longer to become a really strong habit, and, in the case of some activities, much longer.

While the 21-day rule worked on my other habits, there is this one habit that I keep failing to pursue. You see, for the longest time, I have been trying my very best to consistently wake up at the same time every morning (no matter how early or late I sleep at night). I realize that I am more centered and productive when I am not rushed up in the morning.

My ideal morning routine would be a quiet/prayer time (I need to get up ahead of my boys), enjoying my coffee, checking my personal/work emails, social network site-browsing and throwing in some meditation. If I do all of the internet-related activities mentioned in the middle of the day, I just get distracted.

Thus, I conclude, I am after all a morning person!

However, no matter how many times I attempt to do this 5ish wake-up time, I fall off the wagon in the middle of 21-days even after 30 days and would restart anew. My body is used to a 6-8 hour sleep hence, if I sleep late, then I wake up late, that's how my body clock works.

So tomorrow, I will try again this 5ish morning wake-up time and perhaps, after 30, err 90 days, I'll come back to this blog and let you know how it goes.

Is there any habit you have been contemplating on developing?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Purple-Themed Rooms

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Finally some downtime in our home.
We decided to stay at home this weekend save for our regular early morning jogging/running/biking in the nearest park. So while I was gearing up myself for some plenty of online things to do, I decided to organize my Feedly Feeds. Look what I found, some purple-inspired home photos.

How's your weekend so far?


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